Investigación & Desarrollo

Research & Development

We count with an R&D area that analyzes and researches the performance of new varieties under different conditions. All, as to deliver the best consistency, flavor, and quality in fruit.

Fresher Fruit

At Tuniche Fruits we make an extra investment to make sure that the end consumer enjoys the best fruit, processing, and packaging the same day the fruit is harvested, and then shipping it in the first available vessel.

Tecnología de Punta

State-of-the-art Technology

We count with state-of-the-art technology that allows us to protect the consistency, quality and flavor of our fruit, ensuring that it reaches the end consumer in optimum conditions.

Cosecha de Tote

Harvest in Tote Bins

We harvest our fruit in small bins called “totes” avoiding harm, stains and bruises, and protecting its consistency, appearance, and flavor.

Nuestras Prácticas

Harvest in Stages

We harvest the same trees in up to 5 to 6 stages, selecting the ripe fruit and leaving the ones that are not ripe yet, to harvest it in a subsequent stage.

Manejo de Riesgos Climáticos

Climate Risk Management

To ensure our production and commitments with the different markets around the world, we count with effective systems for the management of climatic risks, such as propellers (wind machines), fields in frost-free zones, and roofing over our cherry orchards.

Campos Propios

Own Fields

We count with our own fields. This gives us a greater control over the production, processes, and safety of our fruits to deliver the best quality, consistency, and flavor.